Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookstore…

When I said I was busier than ever over the last year, I was not kidding. While Naptime at the OK Corral was released a few weeks ago (and was the #1 new release in social science on Amazon…and promptly sold out not once but three times…) would you believe I have another new book coming to a bookstore near you in just a few weeks? Of course you wouldn’t– BUT ‘TIS TRUE.

This book is the second edition of the original Shane book that got the whole thing started, way back in 2007. And what a second edition it is. To be honest, there is so much new exciting material packed into its *doubled* pages that it is well and truly a new book.  It’s still the same Shane you all loved from a decade ago, but tricked out and updated for the challenges and joys of ethnographic practice in today’s fields. Stay tuned for the release this fall!  


The old cover just can’t compete.

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Author Q&A for The New Book

I am so excited to see the brand new book, Naptime at the OK Corral, out in print at long last. It looks amazing! When I opened the box of my author copies I was thrilled to see the beautiful job Routledge had done putting the piece together. Here’s the big box of goodness right here:

This book is probably my best and most exciting work yet, and you can learn even more about the book, as well as view a preview chapter, and learn my highly bizarre writing strategies in the author Q&A here: https://www.routledge.com/posts/14266?utm_source=shared_link&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=B180900883