due north

due north

I’ve been on sabbatical this semester, which I think is supposed to be a time to vary one’s routine, experience new things, rest, reconnect, and work to freshen up one’s academic and other perspectives. In addition to lots of time to think and read deeply at home, I’ve also had the pleasure and honor of being this semester’s Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota’s Morris campus. Not only have the folks in Morris welcomed me so beautifully, I’ve also had a chance to focus on my work in new ways. The students with whom I’ve had a chance to interact, the critical conversations I’ve had and the space the appointment has given me for creative work have all been nothing short of transformative.

In addition to teaching two mini-classes (“The Subversive Classroom” and “Creative Research in Gender, Childhoods and Families”) I’ll be giving a series of workshops and public lectures. If you happen to be in the Morris area, I encourage you to come on over and join me. Details are below!

I am excited beyond words to be giving a lecture in a place called the Cow Palace!

Finally, one part of my joy at this appointment–beyond the obvious honor and excitement of being a part of the Morris community this spring– is the chance to experience Minnesota winter! I know, I know, it’s cold– really cold– but it has been possibly the most beautiful and crystalline winter landscape I have experienced. Long walks and hoar frost have hopefully translated into new creative work, and I hope the landscape will continue to inspire as spring springs this March!

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