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Self-Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators


Cynthia A. Lassonde
State University of New York College at Oneonta

Sally Galman
University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Clare Kosnik (Eds.)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education – University of Toronto

Self-Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators is a comprehensive text that delineates a range of research methodologies. This edited volume, with many chapters written by self-study scholars who are noted in the field for particular methodological and epistemological perspectives, helps fill the gap in the literature on self-study research methods. It provides readers with an opportunity to examine various methodologies which will not only help them deepen their understanding of research but also, will allow them to select one that best suits their needs. Both new and experienced researchers will find this text valuable. We consider Self-Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators a valuable contribution to the field of teacher education.

Available from Sense Publishers

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